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11 Aug, 2011 10:26

Brutal Brit cops filmed knocking "rioters" off bikes

A YouTube video shows British police brutally knocking down cyclists who are allegedly leaving Manchester’s downtown during Tuesday’s riots.

The video, made by user nnix250 on August 9 in Manchester, claims in the comment section that it depicts the Tactical Aid Unit of the Riot Police knocking teenagers off their bikes and beating them as they try to escape the city center.The teens had allegedly taken part in the riots and been tracked by a helicopter’s spotlight. Nevertheless, the witness says no arrests were made. The police can be seen to let the cyclists go after questioning them.On Tuesday night in Manchester, looters were throwing fire bombs at shops and smashing windows to lay their hands on designer clothes, expensive electrical items, jewelry and other items. Some rioters looked as young as nine years old and were in the streets despite a police warning to stay indoors. Order in Manchester was not restored until around 1am Wednesday.Still, it is impossible to say when exactly the video was taken. If indeed it was shot on Tuesday, it precedes the pledge made on Wednesday by British Prime Minister David Cameron, who said that “whatever tactics the police feel they need to employ, they will have legal backing to do so. We will do whatever is necessary to restore law and order on to our streets.”Cameron added that police were already authorized to use baton rounds, plastic bullets, and water cannons; the latter could be deployed from Northern Ireland at 24 hours' notice.