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9 Aug, 2011 16:01

“Police too politically correct, troops should step in London”

More than 500 have been arrested and one killed after three days of unrest in London, and as MEP Gerard Batten told RT, the police are too politically correct and it is time for the UK to pull troops from Iraq and put them on the capital’s streets.

Some 16,000 police personnel are expected tonight on the streets of London but, according to Gerard Batten, that will that be enough.“The police have been outnumbered so far. The point has come when we have to call in the armed forces. What we see know is chaos and chaotic criminality across the whole of London,” the member of the European Parliament for London said. “What we should do in my view is pull our troops back from pointless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq where we should never have been in the first place and put them on the streets supporting the police in order to crush the criminal insurrection,” added Batten.According to him, most jobs in pubs and shops are now filled by Europeans who are highly educated, and they get the jobs, and the English are not getting them because they are not interested in education and do not really want to work. “It does not surprise me we see those people in the streets looting – this is a kind of criminal shopping spree that they are going on because of the approach to arresting and punishing people we have had for years,” stated Batten. “It is almost impossible to get arrested for something. These people had nothing but contempt for the law. They think nothing is going to happen to them,” he said.Water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas were not used to quell rioting as the police forces over the years have been debilitated by the culture of political correctness, believes Batten.“Police are under siege in the streets by these people. Time has come to get tough with it. We must crush this, otherwise it is going to get totally out of hand and it will become a constantly reoccurring thing if we don’t,” he stated.He also added he is not surprised the first victim of the riots – a 26-year old man – died in hospital.“I am only surprised there have not been more deaths. These people have no respect for property or human life,” he concluded.