Police seize internet-linked grenade launcher

Police seize internet-linked grenade launcher
Police in central Russia are investigating a bizarre suspected assassination plot with a radio-controlled grenade launcher equipped with a webcam.

The heavy weapon was discovered on Wednesday in a car parked in Rostov-on-Don. The unfamiliar vehicle aroused suspicion among local residents, who called the police, reports RIA Novosti.

Inside, officers found a grenade launcher aimed at a road leading from the house’s inner yard. It could be triggered by radio signal. A webcam streaming video was apparently meant to enable the assassin to know when to pull the trigger.

A police source said the target was probably a suspected gangster living in the house.

The car, which had been hijacked earlier, also had two bottles with fuel inside. It is believed that the liquid would have been ignited by the firing of the grenade launcher and the evidence destroyed.