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Clashes in Tel Aviv as police attempt to dismantle tents

Angry protesters in Israel have clashed with police in Tel Aviv after authorities moved to dismantle their tent cities. The camps have formed part of a nationwide protest against the high cost of living and social inequality.

At least 30 people have been arrested in the clashes, as about 100 activists gathered in front of Tel Aviv City Hall on Wednesday, Israeli daily Haaretz reports. Protesters threw eggs and flowers at the building and announced that they would not dismantle their tent cities, urging Tel Aviv’s mayor, Ron Huldai, to resign.  The camps have been part of the nationwide demonstrations which have been pressing for social justice in Israel for two months.The move to pull down the protesters’ tents came less than a day after Tel Aviv's administration promised to protect the demonstrators and co-operate with them.Danny Dayan, the chairman of the Yesha council of Jewish settlements from Jerusalem, hopes the protesters’ demands for social justice will not be discouraged by police actions. “These tense demonstrations arose from the social problems which were for a long time neglected. Israeli society was too obsessed with the question that Mahmud Abbas said last night,” Dayan told RT. “I hope these protests mark a change in priority.” Meanwhile on the West Bank, Jewish settlers vandalized an Israeli Defense Force base, labeling at least ten military vehicles with the words "Price Tag” in Hebrew.The police also say the vandals set fire to a mosque, uprooted trees, damaged vehicles and sprayed graffiti. The damage is regarded as a response to the IDF earlier dismantling several illegal outposts, namely Israeli caravans in the West Bank, which occupied the land without permission from the Israeli government and proclaimed themselves an Israeli settlement.A special squad was dispatched to deal with the vandals on the West Bank, reports the Jerusalem Post.