Polar bear triplets melt hearts of Russian visitors (VIDEO)

Newly-born polar bear cubs at the Moscow Zoo are growing up fast, and have started exploring the world around them. RT caught a rare glimpse inside of their den, where the triplets were born.

­A rare occasion for a polar bear in captivity, the triplets have spent the past three months in their den under the watchful eye of their mother.

“They are now feeding on fish and meat, especially beef,” zookeeper Stanislav Ilyin told RT. “They like carrots, bread, apples, vegetables, but still continue to feed on their mother’s milk – until the age of two. She looks after them very well. She’s started training them – soon they’ll learn how to swim. She is a firm but gentle mum. They are very well-behaved.”

The triplets will stay in the zoo until they are one year old; then they will be moved to a different zoo, which could be anywhere in the world.