US-Russia peaceful nuke deal comes into force

A civil nuclear agreement between Russia and the US has finally come into force. It is seen as one of the symbols of the “reset” between the two nations.

Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov and US Ambassador John Beyrle have exchanged diplomatic memos on Tuesday. According to Sergey Ryabkov, an exchange of notes marks the completion of all inner procedures in the countries, which are required for the agreement to come into force.

The agreement allows Moscow and Washington to exchange atomic energy technology, set up joint commercial nuclear power ventures, and work more closely on non-proliferation.

John Beyrle has hailed it as a "step forward" in promoting the peaceful use of nuclear power. He added that the agreement will give a serious impetus to the development of the entire peaceful nuclear sector.

The deal comes on the back of the atomic arms reduction deal, which is expected to be ratified by Russia's parliament soon. The START treaty was approved by the US Congress last month after much in-house wrangling.