Paris splurges on Moscow teenager

A 15-year-old Moscow fashion designer is set for fashion stardom after socialite Paris Hilton splurged $US10,000 on clothing and accessories during a highly-publicised visit to the capital for Russian Fashion Week.

RT broadcast Paris Hilton's visit to the boutique of Kira Plastinina in central Moscow live. To watch the recording please follow the link.

According to Paris, Kira Plastinina has developed a genuine style for the younger generation and her collection “should definitely go global.”

Paris Hilton choosing clothes in Moscow boutique
Paris Hilton choosing clothes in Moscow boutique
“Kira is only 15 years old and she is an incredible designer. The fashion show was amazing. I am wearing her linen right now. She is an amazing designer at such a young age especially. I really admire her,” said Paris Hilton.

The American celebrity conceded Russian girls she saw had high style, and promised to come back to Russia some day, as the country amazed her.