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Paedophile ring cracked in Moscow

A gang of six men suspected of sexually abusing boys since 2005 has been arrested in Moscow. Police believe they were part of a paedophile ring that forced children as young as ten and mostly from poor families to perform sexual acts. They then posted the

If found guilty the men could face up to ten years in prison.

It is believed the depraved attacks on the boys were carried out over a two year period, up to April this year, when the police launched a special investigation arresting a number of men, attempting to break the paedophile ring.

“They met children from different families, both poor and rich, in different districts of Moscow. They would invite them home with the excuse of playing computer games or riding a scooter or going to a burger bar. At home they would perform forced perverted sexual acts with them,” said Boris Yakovchenko, from the Criminal Investigation Department.

What emerged was a highly organised network of men, operating through the website. They called themselves 'Boylovers' working under assumed names like Master Boy, Good Boy, and Steel.

Officers believe they have caught some of the worst offenders but warn many more paedophiles using the site are still at large.

“Paedophiles will not cease to exist, no matter how strict the laws are. It is the nature of these people. It is up to parents to take protective measures, they need to bring up their own children, to look after their interests and to control their circle of acquaintances,” explained Sergey, an anti-paedophile activist.