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Police beat war veterans in assault on Occupy Boston (VIDEO)

A new chapter in the annals of American police brutality has been written, as two Vietnam war veterans who joined Occupy Boston protests suffered injuries after being beaten by police and arrested along with some 50 other demonstrators.

After barring protesters from occupying a freshly-planted greenway near their official encampment at Dewey Square, police pulled down the demonstrators’ tents and started confiscating their property.

RT’s Lucy Kafanov, who has been closely observing the protests, said the drama reached a peak during a physical confrontation between police and a 74-year-old Vietnam war veteran.

The police are currently patrolling the greenway while the protesters pondering how to raise $4,000 to bail out those arrested.

AP reported another violent incident that occurred earlier on, quoting Matt Hollander, a Boston resident, who was among the protesters.

A group of veterans was standing in between police and demonstrators holding American flags. When officers advanced on them, one veteran was pushed to the ground.

“If they wanted to arrest us they could have done that without pushing us… without tramping the flag,” Hollander said.

The following footage of the protests was made available on YouTube:

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Video of Occupy Boston protests from kristinamgarcia’s YouTube channel

The Occupy Boston protest is a part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is aimed at big business and banks. The protests which started in New York are now countrywide.

The protesters are referring to themselves as the ”99 per cent,” which they claim is the real percentage of Americans struggling in an economic system which favors the rich at the expense of the middle class.

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