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‘Fund-raising dinner with world leader is waste of money’

As financial stocks in the US remain shaky, it emerges that a fundraising dinner for Barack Obama costs a mouthwatering $35,000 per head.

­RT’s NYC Resident Lori Harfenist asks people on the streets how much they would spend to dine out with the US President.

Some in New York say they would spend on such a dinner some $20 or nothing, because not so many are satisfied with Obama’s domestic policy. Others are ready to spend more, but only if they have a guarantee that the money would be spend on charity.

Citizens also mentioned names of Michelle Obama and the Pope among the people they would like to have dinner with, as well as Dick Cheney – to ask him for the true version of what has been going on in the US over the years he was in office.

In any case, politicians do not do that much for mankind to be desirable dinner dates, consider the respondents.

“Politics and government have reached such level of bias partly due to all the money involved,” says one, so it would be better to spend money on education or directly on people instead of wasting it on politics.