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5 May, 2008 01:22

Obama and Clinton still wrestling for Democratic nod

In the U.S., the battle for the Democrat presidential ticket continues to dominate the political scene. The Clinton-Obama skirmish over gasoline tax has become a key confrontation ahead of crucial contests in Indiana and North Carolina on Tuesday. Meanwhi

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are still battling it out and trying to move on from recent controversies. Their main focus in the run up to Indiana and North Carolina is gas (petrol) prices.

To pump up voters, the former First Lady made an appearance at a gas station in Indiana. She admitted, though, that it's usually the Secret Service that comes between her and her gas tank.

“I haven't personally bought it for a long time because of the Secret Service,” said Clinton.

Obama was quick to fire back.

“People are more concerned about looking good for the cameras and for politics than they are at actually solving problems,” was Obama's response.

Hillary Clinton and Republican John McCain say American consumers are in dire need of gas tax breaks this summer in order to help them get back on track. But Obama claims only the big corporations will benefit, and ordinary Americans won't save much.

Voters tend to see it the Obama way. They believe prices are really too high. Many of them keep their tank half full and try to drive less.

While the candidates wrestled with gas prices to win votes, others accused them of ignoring the issues that don't play well. Thousands of immigrants and activists protested across America in the hope of re-igniting the issue of immigrants’ rights, but their demonstration was largely ignored by the mainstream media.

What did grab some media attention, however, was a wrestling match between Obama and Clinton look-alikes. Before the contest both candidates made short promos using the language of the wrestling ring.

As for the bout itself, ‘Hillary’ had no hesitation in going straight for ‘Barak's’ vulnerable spot. Ouch!