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30 May, 2009 10:39

Nutjob electrician executed victims on electric chair

Nutjob electrician executed victims on electric chair

Police of the Russian town of Berezovsky in the Urals have detained a demented electrician who constructed an electric chair of his own design in his garage and tested it on victims found in the Internet.

A local woman accidentally found a badly burnt skeleton in a ditch by a highway. An investigation into the case revealed that it was a 23-year-old student who had disappeared three months earlier.

“It took several stages of expertise to identify the body by the dental records,” stated chief investigator Vladimir Davydov.

A criminal investigation found out that on the day of disappearance the student, named Anton A., planned to meet somebody regarding spare parts for a computer. Very soon police placed in detention a man tracing him over the local bulletin board service.

The person turned out to be an electrician working in a local steam power plant.

The electrician, referred to as Dmitry X., confessed to murdering Anton upon initial interrogation. It turned out that he had published a computer components buy/sell announcement on the Internet to attract possible victims. For reasons unknown Anton agreed to meet with the demented electrician at the garage of the latter, where he had prepared everything for the killing.

Dmitry assaulted the student in his garage, tied him up and wired him into the devilish device, which was connected to four powerful condensers.

An acquaintance of the mad technician witnessed the killing and testified that the rush of current caused by the device was so strong that the car in the garage started to vibrate.

After that Dmitry took the body to the country and burnt it on a bale of old tires.

After the arrest of the madman, police found a mini power plant in his garage.

The deranged inventor had also constructed an electric mat capable of killing anybody who steps on it and planned to construct a device capable of remotely killing a car’s engine in order to get more victims to his garage from the nearby road.

At the moment the 30-year-old electrician from Berezovsky is suspected of murdering at least six people, although only one body has been found.

“We have every reason to suspect a greater number of victims,” says investigator Davydov.

According to his words, the questioned suspect said bluntly that he will “admit guilt on every proven offence.”

Prior to the discovery, over the last two years five persons dealing with computer components in the region had disappeared. The police are now busily searching for their bodies.

Meanwhile the maniac is spending his days in the pretrial detention center and has stated that he regrets not being able to assemble a photo camera that would erase people’s memories with an electromagnetic beam.

Shocking details

An investigation into the case has shed more light on Dmitry’s activities. First, it has become known that the man had a road police certificate and numerous portable radio sets that let him avoid the police spotlight for a long time. Given that Dmitry was once tried and found guilty of the manufacturing and possession of weapons, he couldn’t become a policeman, so he acquired weapons illegally. Police speculate that he could have bought it on the black market.

Police also say Dmitry was planning to organize a criminal gang, with himself at the helm. He had already ‘recruited’ some men before he was caught. The gang eyed going on the ‘prowl’, but circumstances changed their plans.

”We found a number of caches with revolvers in the nearby forest,” police say. “The man told us he was planning to acquire assault rifles.”