Miraculous survival: Drivers escape as trucks tumble off 60 meters cliff (VIDEO)

Two drivers had a narrow escape in Norway, after their vehicles fell over a snow-covered cliff. A video shot from the following car shows the trailer rolling down the rock pulling along the rescue vehicle.

­One truck was being towed by another, before it lost traction on the snow-covered road and barreled down a cliff, taking the tow truck along with it.

The tow truck driver jumped out just in time, but the other driver went down with the larger truck.

Police say he was taken to a hospital, which reported he had sustained several fractures, but is in a stable condition.

Police spokesman Geir Riise said the truck did not have the right tires fitted and was being towed up a serpentine mountain road some 700 kilometers north of Oslo. It then slid to the side and tipped over the guard rail.