No protests! The President is dining

What’s on the menu? During the August war in South Ossetia last year the president was seen eating his tie in front of journalists (RT Photo / Irina Vasilevitskaya )
Police in Georgia have detained opposition members who gathered near a restaurant in Tbilisi where President Mikhail Saakashvili was having dinner. Their mobile phones were thrown into the river.

Four members of a youth opposition organization were detained on Tuesday, said Mamuka Glonti, head producer of the “Maestro” independent TV company.

He said the incident took place near the “Meidan” restaurant on the Kura river embankment, where the country's leader was having a meal. Several young people held a small rally.

Besides the fact that the protesters mobile phones were thrown into the water, as Glonti said, the police also took away the tape and camera of journalists from a TV company which filmed the incident.

Glonti said he is going to inform international human rights organizations and the diplomatic body about the case.