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18 Aug, 2010 07:35

No proof of existence of geophysical weapon – physicist

The weather's recent extreme conditions have been this summer's hottest topic. With heat waves raging in Russia and floods devastating Pakistan, people are lost as to what is causing these catastrophes.

Prominent Russian physicist Aleksandr Ginzburg says the only force to blame is Mother Nature herself.

“Five years ago, when hurricane Katrina struck the US shore, there was a lot of noise,” Ginzburg recalled. “Perhaps more of it in the Western hemisphere than in Europe and Russia. People started saying that Katrina was the result of Russian geophysical weapon tests and that nothing would have happened if it wasn’t for the ‘evil empire’, which meant the former Soviet Union and modern-day Russia. This year, since Europe, Russia, Pakistan and China (to a degree) have all been affected by disasters, the sensation-hungry whistleblowers came up with a different theory. They are saying these disasters are the results of retaliation from the US. That perhaps the US wanted to strike Pakistan and accidentally hit Russia and Europe.”

There is no proof that such a “geophysical weapon” exists, the scientist told RT.

“So far there is no evidence in open media sources or licensed scientific magazines that mankind is capable of using nature in such a way,” he said. “The amount of energy we are able to exert is far too small to affect energy streams in the atmosphere and the oceans so as to use those streams as a weapon.”

The latest trend in weather control is to use finely divided cement to affect the liquids in the atmosphere such as fogs and clouds, but nothing more, Ginzburg maintained.

Speaking on the origin of this summer’s disasters in Russia, Europe and Pakistan, the physicist said that circumstances like this develop in the atmosphere once every few years: “We call them blocking situations. They are characterized by a cyclone-anticyclone pair of equal strength facing one another.”

An anticyclone is a mass of air spinning one way and producing descending streams of air. In summer and winter this gives us a clear sky. It also makes the summers hotter. Now when we have a pair consisting of a strong cyclone and a strong anticyclone, as the case is this summer over Russia and Europe, this leads to a so-called blocking situation during which that pair can become very stable.

“As we are doing something to the nature, the nature itself has not done before, we have to fight it,” the scientist stated. “Therefore, all the efforts to cut greenhouse emissions, to fight desertization, to grow forests eliminating green house effects and so on are very much welcome.

On the other hand, sometimes excessively enthusiastic green activists and other ecologists who shout from the rooftops that we are shifting to…I don’t know to what… nuclear energy must not be used, as well as solar energy and wind energy because infrasound effects animals, and fossil fuel being simply out of the question. But they are all flying to conferences, and drive to conferences, and sit in their offices, not in villages, and they fight against all these factors.”