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7 Dec, 2009 07:38

The great climate change swindle: global warming is not manmade

Climate change has always existed and humankind does not have the power to affect it insists a critic of global warming theory, Lord Christopher Monckton, on the eve of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

“It is yet another attempt of the governing class of the world to take advantage of the ‘little guy’ to conspire against the governed, to have another excuse for exaggerated levels of taxation, regulation and interference,” blames Monckton.

“There is no scientific basis whatsoever for saying there is a 90% probability that most of the warming of the last 50 years was caused by human kind,” Monckton insists. “The fact is we have no means of knowing what are the influences that cause the climate to fluctuate in the short term upwards or downwards, this is simply beyond our capacity to measure or analyze.”

Speaking about replacing one third of agricultural land which grows food to be used for growing bio-fuels instead, Christopher Monckton reminded that it has led to double food price surge over just one year.

“If we have to pay twice as much for our food – it’s inconvenient. If you are in a poor country – that difference of a 100% in the price of your food is the difference between life and death,” he warns.

Monckton points out that this resulted in major food riots in dozens of countries as a result of the food price rise were hardly reported in the West.

Lord Christopher Monckton promised he would be talking to the Russian delegation at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, despite the fact that current Russian leadership does not get a favorable approach in the British press and explained his position as follows:

“The Russian democracy as we know it is twenty times more democratic than the British democracy has become, because we now have 90% of our laws made for us by the commissars – that is the official German word for the Commissioners of the European Union, whom we do not elect, cannot question, cannot remove and cannot replace. They make 90% of the laws of Britain, But Russia has a Duma, has a Parliament in Russia, which makes 100% of Russia’s laws.”