NATO does not plan intervention in Libya – RT exclusive

NATO does not intend to intervene in Libya’s ongoing unrest, Russia’s envoy to the alliance, Dmitry Rogozin, told RT in an exclusive interview.

“As of today, NATO as an alliance has not made a decision to intervene in Libya,” Rogozin told RT. “Some European countries within the block are categorically against any military action without an agreement from the UN Security Council.”

“It is possible such a step may be taken by the United States and British forces, but so far, here in Brussels in NATO headquarters, they are only discussing the possibility of a no-flight zone over Libyan territory,” he added.

The envoy stressed that if the US and the UK do take any steps unilaterally, it would be considered a violation of international law and meddling in another country’s internal affairs.

“If the US and Britain decide to intervene, that will be a gross violation of all international laws. This can be sanctioned only by the UN,” Rogozin said. “I talked to the alliance’s secretary general, and I hope Moscow’s voice was heard.”