N Ossetia welcomes home freed killer

Vitaly Kaloyev, the Russian man convicted in Switzerland of killing a air traffic controller, has returned to his native republic of North Ossetia. He was released early, partly because he blamed his victim for the death of his wife and two children.

Along with relatives he visited a cemetery in Vladikavkaz where his family's buried and laid flowers at the grave.

On the way to Vladikavkaz, Vitaly Kaloyev also visited a memorial cemetery in Beslan where victims of the terrorist school siege in 2004 are buried.

Kaloyev's wife and two children were killed in a mid air collision over southern Germany in July 2002.

Peter Nielsen was the only air traffic controller on duty at the time of the accident. Kaloyev tracked him down to his home in Switzerland, where he stabbed him to death.