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20 Oct, 2010 13:53

Europe says Russia's plan on common security possible

The Russian president's proposal for a new pan-European security treaty could work if agreed upon, says the chairman of the Munich Security Conference.

Wolfgang Ischinger was speaking at the Moscow session of the forum which attracts politicians, media and scientists from around 40 countries.

“The European security system, which we’ve had for the last decade or two, has not worked very well. That was probably the reason why President Medvedev made fundamental proposals regarding an evolution of this security system. I think he is right in addressing these issues,” he said.

Ischinger’s comments echoed the recent reaction of Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy, who met President Medvedev in Deauville, France, on Tuesday.

It was confirmed that Europe is considering the Russian proposals for a new security system in the region. In response, Medvedev said he would visit the NATO security summit in Lisbon next month.

Speaking at the Moscow gathering on Wednesday, Medvedev said that Russia's proposal for a new pan-European security treaty is not aimed at narrow objectives and will help all the participants.

“We have to continue our dialogue in this area. My idea is not aimed at narrow objectives. Security is a serious thing. It’s inappropriate to make one country or block safe at the expense of others. One of the major directions of our foreign policy is Euro-Atlantic, but many are still eager to compare Russia to the Soviet Union. That is not correct. The country has changed. People have changed a lot. And I am glad that Russia’s voice is heard,” Medvedev said.

The Moscow session of the Munich Security Conference focuses primarily on European security issues. Its participants consider the initiative of President Medvedev for a European Security Treaty and other ideas regarding the unity of the entire Euro-Atlantic space, including materialization of the principle of indivisible security in modern conditions.