Wild west display brings home Moscow lynx

An adult lynx of a species thought to have disappeared from the area in the 19th century has been found in a garbage bin in a densely populated urban area of Moscow, just off one of the city’s main avenues.

The policemen alerted by the reports of bewildered residents had to seal off the area for security reasons. They were later joined by zoologists who helped to trap the animal.

The big cat was said to have been distressed and climbed a nearby tree. A tranquilizing shot failed to put the lynx to sleep and officials had to resort to using a lasso. The creature was then taken to an animal nursery.

Zoologists were puzzled by the fact that the lynx was particularly well-fed and suggested it may be privately owned. Their guesses turned out to be right, as the owner of the animal turned up.

As reported by information agency RIA-Novosti, the man said the lynx had managed to escape when he was taking his unusual pet for a walk on a leash.

The official procedure for handing the lynx over to its owner is underway.