Moscow millionaire fair combines regatta and car race

A luxury summer fair in Moscow which has everything in your wildest dreams: yachts, fast cars and designer jewelry are all on offer - as long as you have the bank balance to afford them.

It has been a three-day extravaganza of rubbing shoulders with millionaires and splashing cash that ended with a yacht regatta.

“The first regatta in this project is called ‘Duty of Sailing’ and we did it together with Synergy Russia sailing team, which is Russia’s number one,” explained regatta organizer Nikita Gorchakov.

“When this regatta with models just started it was really funny. Girls at first were afraid to even step on a boat,” Gorchakov laughs.

Other highlights included exhibits of extravagant goods and luxury car races.

15,000 people have visited the fair, which has an entry fee of $300.