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Russian president's annual New Year address

Minutes before midnight, according to tradition, the president of Russia addresses his countrymen with best wishes followed by a review of the year that just passed.

My fellow country men!

Dear friends!

I have a few precious minutes tonight to address each one of you.

The outgoing year has not been the easiest for our country.

And first of all, I would like to thank you for proving that we can take the brunt together. To overcome difficulties. It means that we will keep moving forward. Will create a strong modern state. A stable and smart economy. We will do everything to ensure a safe and comfortable life for everyone.

The coming year marks the 65th anniversary of the Great victory in World War II. It is our duty to take care of those who fought for our freedom. And we have to be worthy of this Victory.

There is still much to be done. The New Year is a new chance. And we shouldn’t miss it. Success depends on each one of us. It depends on what each one of us does for their family and their country.

New Year is our favorite family holiday. Today we think about those who are closest to us – our parents, wishing them health. Our children. We love you very much and put our hope in you. We want you to succeed. We want you to be happy.

Dear friends!

The New Year is almost here. It will begin in just a few moments. It is time to make a wish. May your dreams come true. May your loved ones be near. May all be well with you.

I wish you hapiness!

Happy New Year, 2010!