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14 Sep, 2011 16:25

‘Happy Birthday, Mr President’

Young female fans of Russia’s president have been making the most of an opportunity to wish their idol happy birthday.

Five attractive activists from the “Medvedev’s Girls” movement headed to the presidential administration office, singing “Happy Birthday, Dear President!” in a scene reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s famous serenade to the late US President JF Kennedy.To congratulate their beloved leader, the girls brought a birthday cake and an iPhone 4G bearing the leader’s portrait.The phone, they say, was made especially for the president – the money to pay for it being gathered through the Internet. The precious gift was dubbed “DimaPhone” – a reference to the President’s pet name.“This is a symbol of the modernization carried out by the president in all spheres of Russian life,” one of the activists told journalists.“Medvedev’s Girls” leapt to fame across Russia back in August, following their support for the president’santi-drink campaign. The young and beautiful females took to the center of Moscow to offer a striptease to anyone willing to empty out their beer bottles. There has been press speculation that “Medvedev’s Girls” were a response to “Putin’s Army” – a women’s association that recently offered support to Russia’s PM Vladimir Putin by way of a range of sexy stunts. The country’s leader, meanwhile, spent his birthday working in his residence outside Moscow. From early morning, the president started to receive congratulations from his foreign counterparts by phone and from thousands of followers on Twitter. In the evening, he shared a celebratory dinner with his family. The morning, though, was devoted to establishing a new scholarship for talented students. 3,000 bursaries will be available to students and postgraduates pursuing studies "which could contribute to the modernization of the country's economy", the order states.The President's Scholarship will come onstream in January 2012.