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20 Jan, 2010 09:15

Man fails to kill himself twice in one day

 Man fails to kill himself twice in one day

For some people there is no way of escaping from life, no matter how much they want to. A man in the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia tried to commit suicide two times in one day – and failed in both attempts.

His first move to take his life was by jumping out of a window. However, the fall from the eighth storey ended with a leg bone fracture rather than death. The injury was so mild that he refused help and walked on his own two feet to a hospital, reports Interfax.

His path led over a railway, and as he was still in a grim suicidal mood, he jumped in the way of a passing train. The second attempt, however, also ended in failure. Aside from many bruises, the only tangible result was breaking his second leg.

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