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Lucky miss: Russian man dodges death at gas station pile-up (VIDEO)

A Russian man has barely managed to escape death in a massive traffic accident involving five vehicles at a gas station. What’s also a miracle is that there were no explosions, and only one person was slightly injured.
­A stunning video of the accident in Orenburg, a city in the Russian Urals, has appeared online. A bus with 30 passengers onboard was heading down a busy street, when a Kamaz truck driving in the opposite direction suddenly made a left turn without giving way. In trying to avoid or at least limit the imminent collision with the truck, the bus driver veered right – towards a Lukoil gas station. The two behemoth vehicles eventually did collide, though a head-on collision was avoided. However, they were then heading straight into the gas pumps, where an unsuspecting man was standing, waiting to fuel his car. The stunned man staggeringly managed to avoid a direct hit from both the truck and the bus, which stopped just inches away from him. The truck then crashed into a Gazelle van, while the bus collided with a Ford Mondeo, which, in turn, hit a Toyota Corolla standing in front. Though a stand covering the gas pumps was hit, no fuel apparently leaked, and what could have been a massive blast involving dozens of casualties did not happen. Only one elderly woman was injured when the bus crashed into the truck, and even then, her injuries were so minor that she decided not to go to hospital. Police are still conducting an investigation to decide who caused the accident. They are on the lookout for the lucky death dodger to serve as an important witness in their case. Provisionally, however, Orenburg road police believe the blame lies with the truck driver who failed to give way to the bus before making a left turn.