Driver’s miracle escape on snow-bound Russian road (VIDEO)

A video has surfaced on the web showing a driver’s brush with certain death after almost crashing into a jack-knifing truck on a snowy road in Russia. The heart-stopping moment was captured on a video recorder installed in the car.

The car dashes through the snow, the driver chatting with his passenger. He is following a white truck which is completely blocking his vision. He attempts to peek into the oncoming lane to check if he could overtake the annoying vehicle. Attempts one and two bear no fruit.

At last, the white truck brakes and veers to the right. A perfect moment to overtake! Almost feeling the stretch of a free road in front of him, car driver speeds into the oncoming lane only to meet head-on a blue truck overtaking another vehicle and jack-knifing.

White truck and car screech to a stop as the blue truck advances on them in an eerie silence, all talk in the car cut short. The blue truck straightens mere millimeters away, passing the car safely.

As the car continues on its way, both driver and passenger breathe out audibly, stuttering, “It’s a miracle! Miracle!” What’s the betting that next time they will think twice before overtaking in harsh weather conditions and poor visibility?