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27 Apr, 2012 16:27

Litvinenko's father promises to announce his son's killer in court – RT exclusive

The father of poisoned ex-spy Aleksandr Litvinenko, claims his son gave him a note with his murderer`s name and other details right before he died. He said Andrey Lugovoy was not the killer and apologized to him.

“Aleksandr died on my arms. He wrote me important information on a piece of paper when dying. He didn’t want anybody to hear us,” Walter Litvinenko told RT in an exclusive interview.Before this there was only one post-death statement by Litvinenko circulating in the press where the former agent allegedly accused Vladimir Putin of ordering his poisoning.Walter Litvinenko asserts it was fabricated, saying he was with his dying son till the very last moment. He also says the language of the statement raises suspicions. “He [Aleksandr Litvinenko] hardly spoke any English. And the letter was written in an impeccable, poetic English. Someone did it for him.”Walter had been known for following the line of his son's close circle who pointed the finger of blame at former FSB-officer, Andrey Lugovoy, accusing him of poisoning Litvinenko.He has withdrawn the accusations, saying Lugovoy is “a victim” in the case as he could also get a dose of radiation. “Andrey is not guilty at all. These guys have nothing to do with this! They could also get a dose, because the polonium was scattered on them as well.”Walter Litvinenko went as far as calling Lugovoy and offering his apologies over the phone.“Andrey, forgive me, please, for all the bad things that I said about you! I hope you can forgive me. You realize, of course, what sort of people we’re dealing with here,” he said. Lugovoy says he is ready to bring Walter Litvinenko to a London court as a witness.“New hearings into the case will start in London in several months. This time important secret documents will have to be revealed by MI6 and MI5. Marina [Litvinenko’s widow] with her revelations outran the court. And Walter is doing the same now. They have no choice. Soon there’ll be no more secrets left,” he said.Meanwhile, Litvinenko Sr promises to reveal more secrets in court and makes clear, his son's once close circle of friends won't like many of them.The former intelligence agent and fierce Kremlin critic, Aleksandr Litvinenko, was poisoned by radioactive polonium and died in London hospital in 2006.The case became a stumbling block in Russian-UK relations with Britain insisting that Russian State Duma Deputy Andrey Lugovoy is the main suspect. In response Russia says there are serious gaps in the evidence which is preconceived.Earlier this week Lugovoy was questioned with a British lie detector. The machine agreed with his denial of any involvement in Litvinenko`s murder.