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31 Aug, 2011 01:45

Gaddafi’s disappearance may be calculated move

High expectations notwithstanding, the Libyan rebels are far from establishing peace in their country, argued FrontPage magazine editor Stephen Brown.

“First of all, they are going to find Gaddafi, and hopefully that will end a lot of resistance,” he told RT. “Until then, they are going to have a major guerilla war on their hands. Secondly, I think even if they do find Gaddafi, this is only the first stage of a multi-stage war in Libya. Now the tribes are going to fight each other over the oil revenues, or the Islamists are going to start fighting the Transitional National Council. They have already assassinated the head of the military. That is just the beginning of the problems.”  Sending his family away and keeping in hiding is a calculated move on Muammar Gaddafi’s part, Brown suggested. “This is a smart move on the part of Gaddafi, who wants to maintain power,” he said. “I think he is going to go underground and launch a guerilla war. In a few months, when the rebel National Council and the tribes start fighting one another, he can make a political comeback.  And now he has got part of his family outside of the country, where they can also help make that political comeback on the international scene. I think it is a very calculated move on his part.”