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Libya is not worth an ounce of British blood – British journalist

Columnist and the former editor of the Sun newspaper, Kelvin McKenzie, says there is no reason Britain and France should meddle in Libya's internal affairs.
­“First of all, we don’t know whether there was going to be a massacre in Benghazi,” the journalist told RT. “This was the PR. This was the [UK] government push. This was [Prime Minister David] Cameron’s personal spin.”This is Libyans fighting Libyans, McKenzie points out. “And who are we to say who should be running their country? After all, when I last looked, I didn’t notice any Libyans interfere when the Cavaliers and the Roundheads took [part] in our revolution, or, as far as I could see, there was nobody from Tripoli wandering around in the French Revolution.”The journalist says that, given all the aspects of the current conflict, including the composition of the rebel forces, which is not quite clear, it is a big question what the relationship between the UK and Libya is going to be like at the end of the war.“We have Al-Qaeda wandering around. How do we know that at the end of the day they don’t end up running the damn country?” he said.“I prefer the Russian position, I prefer the Chinese position, I prefer the German position, all of which is the same: we wish you well, and we are not firing any guns and we are not sending in any planes,” McKenzie added.