“Quantum of Solace” star digs into Chernobyl

“Quantum of Solace” star digs into Chernobyl
Bond girl Olga Kurylenko will play the lead role in a film focusing on the worst man-made disaster in history, which took place at the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl almost 24 years ago.

This time around, the co-star of Daniel Craig in “Quantum of Solace”, Ukrainian actress Kurylenko, will collaborate with an up-and-coming French-Israeli director.

According to Moskovsky Komsomolets daily, the film’s director, Michale Boganim, told the press-conference in the Ukrainian capital that the film’s plot is still in the works.

Entitled “La Terre Outragee” (The Damaged Land), the film is said to be a trip down memory lane of a young woman – played by Kurylenko – who lives in the notorious city of Pripyat, three miles from the nuclear plant and who witnesses the catastrophic events that happened there when the Number Four reactor suffered an unstoppable chain reaction.

Former model Kurylenko was quoted as saying she is currently conducting her own research of the Chernobyl disaster to get a real feel for her character, watching documentary footage of the aftermath of the tragic events and reading books and scientific reports.