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President Karzai’s brother calls drug trafficking allegations political

Afghan President Karzai is reportedly linked to the drug trade in the country. Ahmed Karzai calls the allegations politically motivated. But RT military analyst Evgeny Khrushchev says he covers the whole network.

Back in August, German news magazine Stern claimed that British troops seized tonnes of opium in the countryside residence of the Afghan President's brother.

Ahmed Wali Karzai was reportedly interrogated by the country's interior ministry, but no action was seen to be taken.

In an interview with RT, Ahmed Wali said these allegations are politically motivated.

“The issue of drugs is a political issue, it’s not a legal issue. Last six or seven years that I’ve been accused by the most powerful media organization nobody in the entire international community came up with proof and these are just allegations,” Ahmed Karzai told RT. “Always when international community wants to put pressure on President Karzai they always bring me to media and say there are drugs.”

But RT’s military analyst Evgeny Khrushchev claims President Karzai’s brother is not only linked to drug trafficking, but in a way provides political cover and immunity to the whole drug network of Afghanistan.

“In fact, the Taliban rip off around $100 million a year. The majority of this money fuels the corruption tradition in Afghanistan, and especially now. This drug money that is protected by Karzai’s brother, permeates all the Afghan society, and that’s a vicious circle,” Khrushchev claims.