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EU membership costs British taxpayers £48 million a day – activist

Jon Gaunt, head of the EU Referendum Campaign, believes that British people are being denied their democratic right to vote on costly EU membership.
“I am not saying ‘vote to get out’. What I am saying is ‘let’s have the discussion’ – on the BBC, on programs like this,” Gaunt says, adding it would be on “the pros and cons of Europe, so that the British public can decide whether they want to be in the EU. And I must stress – I am not and surely this campaign is not anti-European. It is just saying – let’s have a vote.”Gaunt says there should be a grown-up debate on the issue. “Give me three good reasons why we shouldn’t have a referendum,” he says. “Now, people could give me three good reasons why we should stay in the EU or three good reasons why we should leave, but I don’t think people will come out with three good reasons why we shouldn’t have a democratic vote on it.”