Jesus’ image seen at factory wall in Ukraine

Jesus’ image seen at factory wall in Ukraine
An alleged divine image was discovered on a metallically reinforced factory wall at the Velyky Berezny township, in the Zakarpatye region in western Ukraine. The wall quickly became a local sightseeing attraction.

The image, if looked at from some distance, resembles images of Jesus as portrayed in accordance to Christian tradition.

Dozens of locals now flock to the lumber factory all the time. Many take pictures on their mobile phones.

Local police have already set up a permanent watch post near the factory wall, as the debates on the divinity of the image are often and heated, and in the multi-ethnic region – apart from Ukrainians the township is also inhabited by Rusyns, Hungarians and Slovaks – tensions may easily flare.

This is not the first divine image appearing in Ukraine this month. Just a week prior to this, an image of Virgin Mary was seen on a pear tree in Poltava region.