Israel close to waiving visa rules for Russians

According to Israeli Foreign Ministry press spokesman, Eddie Shapiro, an Israeli commission has approved a decision to cancel visa regulations for Russian citizens.

Now the decision will pass to the Israeli government, but it is likely to be a mere formality as all ministries have supported moves to cancel the regulations.

However, before it's ratified, Russia has to provide Israeli citizens with the same conditions.

Israeli diplomats  expect negotiations to take only a few months as the consular departments already have the technology needed for the new visa system.

Deputy Vladimir Pligin from the State Duma says Russia welcomes Israel's decision to cancel visa conditions.

“I believe this decision is a good first step in the further development of our bilateral relationship.  It also sets a good example for how we'd like our negotiations with different countries to go. I hope this decision will come into force soon,” said Mr Pligin.