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Iran challenges Western model of the world - professor

With the US and EU acting as if they are the only civilized communities on the globe, Iran wants to prove that this model of the world is not viable, argues Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi from the University of Tehran.
­Marandi explained that in Tehran, it is believed that the United States and its allies, including certain EU members, are violating human rights more than any other country in the world. “They are constantly waging wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now they are in Libya killing and murdering hundreds of thousands of people. In addition is the siege on Gaza, an illegal and barbaric act being committed with the support of the US and the EU,” Marandi maintains.“The Iranians want to break the American and European habit of constantly acting as if they are the center of the world and more civilized than others, whereas in reality the harm they have caused in the world is unprecedented,” Marandi continues. Iran is considering imposing sanctions on 26 US officials for violating human rights. The Iranian parliament accused the US officials of escalating terrorism and drug-trafficking. This comes a day after the EU imposed sanctions on Iran. Marandi believes that today, Iranians worry less about the sanctions themselves, but rather breaking the Western model that has been imposed upon the rest of the world.“Basically Europeans and Americans decide who is civilized, human and humane and who is not. Muslim rights in Europe are being violated – women can no longer wear head scarves at places of work and in the US Muslims are put in jail for giving funding to Palestinian groups who are helping orphans in the Gaza strip”.Professor Marandi claims that the time has finally come for the to US understand that it is losing its hold over the Middle East and the Iranians are, on the other hand, in support of continued revolution in the region.   “As more countries become independent countries and the more revolutions that occur,  Western countries will be forced to diversify their assets to try to bring about some sort of control over the region. And that will limit their influence over the region as a whole since the more spread out they become, the less effective their actions are. The Iranians feel that the Americans are running scared. The Iranians and the people of the region at large are the winners in all this,” concluded Marandi.