Interview with Sergey Roginko

Sergey Roginko, an expert on climate change from the Ecology and Development Group at the Institute of Europe, joined Russia Today to comment on global warming expected to be one of the main issues of the G8 summit in Germany.

Russia Today: Climate change is top of the agenda. What do you think are the most interesting proposals in this area?

Sergey Roginko:Well, to me the most interesting proposal is the German proposal that is supported by the EU to put temperature rise of 2 degress Centigrade as a kind of threshold that mankind should not overpass in this century. This is absolutely new from every viewpoint because before that everyone was curious and obsessed with the concentration of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere that is measured in promille, ppm, which was based on whether 400 ppm is an appropriate figure that does not bring any harm or 550 ppm. This is another story. We are trying to figure out what kind of temperature rise is really dangerous and what should be done about this.

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