Interview with Mikhail Belyaev

Mikhail Belyaev, test pilot of the MIG Corporation, joined Russia Today to tell about MIG's agenda at the MAKS 2007 aerobatic show on Saturday.

Russia Today: Different groups will be performing at the show today. What's your group is going to do?
Mikhail Belyaev: At the MAKS 2007 air show, the  MiG Russian military aircraft design bureau is presenting its new technologies –  the MiG-28 with the thrust vector control, the  MiG-29K, and the newest MiG-35.
RT: With so many companies and groups taking part in the show, what’s you overall impression of this year’s MAKS air show?
M.B.: Taking part in MAKS 2007 is a great possibility for the MiG Corporation to present all its newest developments and to show them to viewers and experts. And the air show is a very representative of the air industry, and participation in it is very important for us.