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Interview with Ilya Politkovsky

The son of murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya,  Ilya Politkovsky, spoke to RT about the recent arrests connected with his mother's killing.

Russia Today: How did you find out about the latest details in the investigation into your mother's murder?

Ilya Politkovsky: I knew about it before, I didn't find out from Chaika's [the Prosecutor General] statement. I knew it would go that way, because the investigators were working on the case, and that some arrests had taken place before, and that there would be more.

RT: In his statement, the Prosecutor General said the main motive being considered was not revenge by the people she wrote about.  Rather, that she was killed because she was a famous person. What do you think about that?

I.P.: It did surprise me to say the least, because I think it's a bit premature to make such statements.  There are a lot of theories and to stick to just one may be advantageous to some. Well I wouldn't do that.

RT: It has been ten months since the tragedy. How did it affect your family? How has your life changed?

I.P.: The tragedy did affect our family a lot, my sister and me. I have a big family and it did affect us a lot. But we are coping pretty well, and it's going all right, more or less.

RT: Has it affected your studying, your work, relations in the family?

I.P.: Maybe in terms that I have less time now to get on with my career because I have to sort out a great deal of things to do with the investigation and also other issues. For example, I've collected awards that were made to my mother posthumously, and we also published a book.  Things like that that have built up.

RT: Are continuing what your mother was doing?

I.P.: No, I am not continuing her work, I'm not investigating anything. Moreover, I'm sure I won't be able to do it, so I'm just trying to protect her name.  

RT: I know you have a sister who was pregnant when your mother was murdered. Did this murder affect her?

I.P.: Everything is OK, my sister successfully gave birth to her daughter, who of course was named Anna. Now she's bringing her up and quite soon we're going to christen her.  

RT: We all know it was a political murder, at least in the resonance it caused. Probably you noticed someone who tried to gain points to his political career due to this tragedy.  

I.P.: I didn't notice it earlier, the investigation was conducted in secret, but nevertheless very professionally. Now I notice many people have started using this murder for political purposes, including Russia's Prosecutor General and representatives of the Federal Security Service. This case is turning into a political affair, and I don't like it as it could affect the investigation.