Hijacked Turkish plane lands in Antalya

Turkish passenger plane reportedly hijacked by terrorists has made an emergency landing at Antalya airport in Turkey and anti-terror teams are now surrounding the plane. The Atlasjet aircraft with 136 passengers and six crew onboard was bound for Istanbul

The plane touched down for refuelling.  The hijackers are reportedly demanding the plane be flown to Tehran.

Atlasjet airlines' logo
Atlasjet airlines' logo

The airline says the hijackers had tried to break into the cockpit.

“Hijackers have apparently released someone of 142 people onboard the plane. Two Iranian nationals demanded to reroute the plane to Tehran. One of the passengers claims that the hijackers are part of Al Qaeda terrorist organisation. We have taken all necessary safety measures. Special services are dealing with the incident. They will make their statements later,” said Tuncay Doganer, Atlasjet CEO.

According to latest reports, all passengers have left the aircraft from the rear exit. The crew still remain aboard.