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10 Jun, 2009 07:17

Granny shares secrets of lace-making on the web

Thousands around the world are taking tips from a Russian grandmother on the craft of knitting Russian lace. The woman uses her website to share the basics of her art.

A labor of love, lace-making is a precious skill in Russia dating back centuries. It is an art of patience and precision, which 70 year-old Adelaida Rozhkova knows only too well. She’s been making lace for 30 years after being struck by its beauty.

“A person is usually addicted to one thing or another – alcohol or something. I am addicted to this, God gave me this desire. It sooths me, gives me joy. At first you create something in your head, and then think how you will express it in lace,” she says.

Adelaida lives in the small Russian town Sasovo, about six hours drive from the hub of Moscow.

While she may live in the middle of nowhere, she wants to ensure her specialist skill gets passed on to people across the world.

So with a little help from her friends, this Russian granny has gone online, creating a website with free information and advice on the basics of bobbins. It was web designer Gayaz Garipov who put the site in place:

“It was my idea to create the site, but it was Adelaida Rozhkova's content of course. While communicating with those interested online, we decided that we should post lessons as well. This year we posted a whole text book.”

Despite a slow start the site now attracted more than 6,000 visitors. Adelaida’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed in her home town – indeed her talent has made her a local celebrity with billboards and banners dedicated to her work.