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30 Mar, 2012 12:26

'Land Day' clashes: Youngster killed, over 200 injured – reports (VIDEO)

A Gaza youth has been killed while over 200 people have been wounded throughout the West Bank. The violence comes as clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians protesters marking Land Day rage on.

Gaza ministry of health has confirmed that a 20-year-old Palestinian was killed at the Erez Crossing in the northern end of the Gaza Strip. His body has been taken to Al Shifa hospital, RT’s Paula Slier reports from the scene.Over 200 people have been injured so far at Qalandia checkpoint in the West Bank alone, including 85 with rubber bullets, the Red Crescent says. Palestinian legislator Mustafa Barghouti was rushed to hospital after being hit in the head by a tear gas canister in Qalandia. Ambulances are racing to and from the scene, as Palestinian youngsters continue throwing stones at Israeli soldiers and police.The standoff between the Israeli army and Palestinians continues at various checkpoints, with occasional bursts of tear gas being fired at protesters. To disperse the crowds, Israeli forces are also using water cannons and rubber bullets.Some reports suggest that Israelis used live ammunition. At least nine people have been wounded, one seriously, when police opened fire on protesters, medics in the Gaza Strip say.Israeli security forces are further deploying other kinds of non-lethal weaponry, including “skunk devices” that spray a foul-smelling fluid, and machines that emit a high frequency sound.Israel has ramped up security ahead of the Friday protests, deploying some 1,000 additional law enforcement personnel to patrol Jerusalem and its neighboring areas. Police have arrested between 14 and 34 protesters in Jerusalem, according to different reports.Meanwhile, some 20,000 protesters have reportedly gathered along the Israeli-Jordanian border. Crowds are also gathering along the Israeli- Lebanese border, as the Lebanese army responded by beefing up its security presence. There have been no reports of injuries or clashes along the border so far.