Leap of faith: Girl jumps into garbage chute to retrieve makeup

Leap of faith: Girl jumps into garbage chute to retrieve makeup
One young woman from Russia’s Urals region was so in love with her makeup she had to be rescued after diving into a dumpster for her precious cosmetics. Once saved by rescuers, she went on looking for her prized belongings.

The twenty-year old woman from the south-eastern Urals city of Magnitogorsk, in the Chelyabinsk region, had mistakenly thrown out her makeup bag, whilst disposing of trash in her apartment’s garbage chute.

A -20°C cold winter night didn’t stop the embarrassed youth from rushing down the stairs dressed in just a T-shirt to retrieve her cosmetics bag.

She tried to get her lost lipstick and powder from the chute, only to reach too far and end up crashing two floors into a heap of garbage.

Other residents heard her cries for help and called for help.

The life-savers had to cut off a part of the chute and catch the falling woman – only to find her completely unharmed and more than eager to go on looking for her “bag of beauty.”

Only once reunited with her cherished cosmetics, did the half-naked woman return to her flat.

The leap of faith did not impress the Magnitogorsk rescuers, familiar with such incidents. In a drunken stupor a young man followed his mobile phone down eight flights. The rescue team found him safe and sound with only minor scratches.

Another Magnitogorsk man had a row with his wife and threw her shoes into the dumpster. In a bid to make peace he leaped after them and ended up stuck in the chute with no serious injuries.