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13 Apr, 2010 07:39

FSB: Moscow Metro bombing organizers identified

The Federal Security Service has identified the organizers and executors of the double bomb attack in the Moscow Metro and the similar bombings in Dagestan two days afterwards.

Investigators now know the persons who carried out the terror acts and those who helped them, the agency head Aleksandr Bortnikov told members of the National Antiterrorism Committee on Tuesday.

“The terrorists should know everyone involved in the organization or execution of terrorist acts and those who help them will receive due punishment,” he said. 

Aleksandr Bortnikov added that the FSB will soon send its suggestions on stepping up security to Russia’s law enforcement agencies and legislators. The measures are meant to improve cooperation between agencies in averting terrorism threats.

Suicide bombers set off two blasts at Moscow Metro stations Lubyanka and Park Kultury on March 29, claiming the lives of 40 people with over 100 injured. Two days later, suicide bombers attacked the city of Kizlyar in Dagestan, killing 12.

Bortnikov also reported on the investigation of the derailment of the Nevsky express in November 2009. He said in several operations that, of the gang suspected of the crime, 14 members have been arrested and 26 have been killed. Evidence of their involvement in the train bombing has been gathered.

Overall in 2010 the FSB has detained 170 suspected terrorists and their accomplices, averted 10 attempted terror acts, and confiscated 100 improvised explosive devices and 150 kilos of explosives, the agency chief said.