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French Spider triumphs In Moscow climb

Famous urban climber Alain Robert, also known as the French Spiderman, has conquered what will become Europe’s tallest building – the West tower of the Moscow City business complex. Having reached the top of the skyscraper he was arrested by po

Alain Robert’s spectacular climb was officially forbidden by police, but still shaped-up as a show. Right before he started his ascent to the top of the 242 meters high skyscraper, five paratroopers jumped from the roof in the opposite direction.

Then there he went. It took Alain less than 30 minutes to conquer the 60-story West tower of the Moscow City business complex. And right after the climb he was arrested by policemen, which some spectators believed was just another part of the show.

'Spiderman' at the top
'Spiderman' at the top

Earlier on Sunday, Alain abandoned a planned ascent as he did not have the requisite permission from the authorities. Although he did suggest he would make the climb even if he didn't get consent.

That's exactly what happened on Tuesday, when he eventually made his way up the tower. At the very last moment the police arrived and told he could not climb – but it was too late to stop him.

Over the last nine years Robert has climbed more than 70 tall and spectacular buildings around the world; including The Eiffel tower, Empire State building and Taipei's 500-meters-tall skyscraper. For his efforts, he's been arrested for trespassing more than 100 times. It rarely brought him more than a few days in jail or a fine. However the French Spiderman is now prohibited to enter China for trying to ascend its tallest building.

In Moscow, the police released him after establishing his identity. Alain said they were nice to him. And after all, he was prepared for a detention.

“The only thing that was worrying me was that it was illegal and I knew I was going to be arrested. But finally the chief of the police station turned out to be a really fantastic guy, he has arranged my matter, and I got released, maybe, just in about half an hour. When I was at the police station they gave me some tea, chocolate, and I was treated just like a king, and I’m really amazed by Moscow police department,” he told RT later in an interview.

The owners of the tower gave their permission to the French urban climber and reportedly paid him a certain sum of money, which is not surprising: his move caused a lot of publicity.