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NATO is an imperial arm of Western global management - journalist

With the situation in Libya far from resolved, RT talked to Moe Seager, a French journalist and blogger about what is fuelling both NATO's and France's interest in the campaign.
“NATO itself is a military and economic engine that does not want to die just because the end of the Soviet empire. It wants to feed itself as a military operation, as a blood-sucker of tax money that pays quite well to its upper staff and to its contractors and suppliers. It’s an industry, it doesn’t want to die. It’s just simply announcing ‘We are an imperial arm of Western global management and we don't need to stay in Western Europe,’’ Seager said.Moe Seager believes France’s president wants to control and manage political and economic circumstances outside of Western Europe:“He wants to elevate France from a major world player, to move himself upward to be in the inner circle with the highest-rank of global management the club of the US, Britain, Germany, Japan. He wants to be sitting at the round table with the elite group of global managers,” said the blogger.And according to Seager, the French media play an important role in making sure that French people do not come out against the war.“There’s an understanding between the journalist corps and the government in France. It goes like that – the media basically follow the government’s editorial line on foreign policy or they are not be invited or included to come back and ask questions at press conferences. It’s not published officially, but it’s the media’s unwritten rule. Same thing goes on in the White House, which is to say – if the media go too far out of line with challenging the official line, they will be isolated outside of the most important cores of government communication,” Seager maintains.Another thing the French government is interested is in keeping the people in perpetual fear, believes the journalist. “And while people are busy worrying about an external threat, the government is taking away their constitutional and civil rights. We’ve been in perpetual war in the US, a perpetual war for decades. If one tries to examine the period of time when the US and other Western allies have not been in war, he will not find 30 days in the last 30 years, where there hasn’t been an imperial military escapade. Because that’s business!" he said.And today Western governments are keen to make sure they have proactively in place security mechanisms, surveillance operations to prevent any massive popular uprisings, Seager believes. “Because the last thing France, the US and the UK want is a popular democratic uprising in the West similar to what we saw in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain going on in Syria. The last thing they want is people finding out enough truth," he concludes.