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17 Oct, 2008 06:47

Fighter jet crashes in Siberia

Fighter jet crashes in Siberia

A Mig-29 combat aircraft has crashed in the Chita region of eastern Siberia. The pilot, who ejected from the falling fighter, was taken to hospital.

No casualties or damages were reported in the incident. Rescuers are searching for the crash site.

A Russian Air Force spokesman said Mig-29 flights will be suspended during the investigation into the crash.

The Mig-29 is a fourth-generation fighter jet that went into service in the early 1980s. Up to 1,600 aircraft are currently in operation throughout the world, according to the producer.

MiG-29 Version B
Length, 17,32m
Wing span, 11,36m
Height,  4,73m

Take-off weight:
 – standard 14 900 kg
 – maximum 18 000 kg

Maximum flight speed:
 – near ground 1500 km/h
 – at high altitude 2400 km/h

Maximum M-number 2,25
Service ceiling, 18 000m
Maximum G-load 9

Ferry range:
 – without drop tanks 1500 km
 – with 1 drop tanks 2100 km

Engines RD-33 series 2 or 3
Take-off thrust, kilogram force 2Ñ…8300

Number of external stations 6
“A-A” missiles:
 – middle range 2Ñ…R-27R1
 – short range 6Ñ…R-73E
Air gun, 30 mm GSh-301

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