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Barely a scuffle: FEMEN girl attacks MP

Barely a scuffle: FEMEN girl attacks MP
A brawl between a FEMEN activist - not topless this time incidentally - and a Ukranian MP occurred during a live TV show in Ukraine. The host asked the girl to comment on the protest group’s naked action during the presidential election in Russia.

The girl instead called on her countrymen to renew protest actions against Ukrainian authorities, a suggestion which made the parliamentary deputy from the ruling party call her a “prostitute”.

However the blonde was no shrinking violet. Rather she is an experienced protester. She assaulted the statesman, who argued she is a “mentally-ill drunk slut” who should get of the studio as she “dishonors Ukraine”. As the host tried to calm the polemic down, the girl managed however to spit at the deputy’s face and was finally shown out the studio by security.

The latest scandalous action by FEMEN was performed in Moscow during Sunday’s presidential election. Three young women entered the polling station where Vladimir Putin had cast his ballot 20 minutes earlier. They bared their chests, which were emblazoned with anti-Putin messages, chanted obscene slogans and almost brought the voting to a halt. The activists were detained by police and remain in custody in Russia.

Ukrainian protest group FEMEN is known for its politically-loaded displays, mostly because the women prefer to strip to the waist to gain attention. They act topless while fighting for the rights of oppressed women in particular, as well as against Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko, Russia-Ukraine gas deals, members of the Davos Economic Forum and for the rights of humanity as a whole.