Fallen aliens memorial to be built in Ukrainian city

Fallen aliens memorial to be built in Ukrainian city
Ufologists have started collecting money to build a memorial for fallen aliens in the Ukrainian city of Berdichev, Aleksandr Nalisman, project author, is quoted as saying by a local newspaper.

Ufologist said aliens, who visited the Earth, usually became the victims of different catastrophes. What is more, “people of Earth have not paid attention to the lives of the aliens”.

In order to prove the situation, the local ufologists have decided to build a “Fallen aliens memorial”. The design is not known, as it has not been discussed with the authorities yet.

According to the Ukrainian ufologists' data, there were some UFO catastrophes. For example, a jet fighter collided with a UFO in 1997 in the ancient city of Kherson.

The source says the UFO’s pieces were taken by Ukrainian soldiers for examination. Later, they succeeded in bringing down six more UFOs. It helped them “begin constructing its analogue”. Whether the scientists have found the remains of the fallen UFO pilots is not known.