Exploded pipeline will not affect Gazprom’s customers

The gas supply from Russia to Turkey has fallen by 40% following an explosion on a pipeline going through the territory of Transdniester. Gazprom says it will increase supplies through alternative routes.

The blast on a pipeline going through the territory of Moldova’s breakaway region of Transdniester to the Balkans has caused a 40% drop in Russian gas supplies to Turkey. The explosion is believed to have happened because the pipes are in a very old condition.

Gazprom said it would increase supplies through the Blue Stream pipeline to compensate for the reduced gas levels in Turkey, and it is currently using alternative routes to deliver to the rest of the Balkan countries.
The Russian gas giant says customers are receiving the same level of supplies as usual.

The blast on the Ananiev-Odessa-Izmail pipeline occurred on Wednesday morning in the vicinity of Tiraspol, the capital of Transdniester. Pyotr Stepanov, the Minister of Industry of the breakaway republic, has said that the gas flow was redirected to the alternative routes of the transit pipeline. He assumed that the local operator would be able to fix the damage by Friday night.

The transit pipeline going through the territory of Transdniester provides gas supplies to Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Macedonia.