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Eto’o and Anzhi offer kids goals over guns

The record-breaking transfer of former Inter Milan star striker Cameroonian Samuel Eto’o to the Russian republic of Dagestan club Anzhi has been sealed, making the Caucasian club a new world’s dream team.

The new Dagestani striker is to start his training with Anzhi on Thursday in preparation for the team’s next game against Rostov and has already arrived in Moscow.

The move to “one of the most ambitious” clubs makes Eto’o the highest-paid player in the world, with a weekly wage of around half a million dollars after tax. This means with his three-year contract he will receive over US$90 million, and that is before goal and other bonuses.

Anzhi, who currently sit fourth in the Russian Premier League, were bought by billionaire Suleiman Kerimov in January, and he has already signed Brazilian legend Roberto Carlos and, more recently, Russia playmaker Yuri Zhirkov.

Anzhi will create a “normal” atmosphere in unrest-torn Dagestan region, believes Georgy Chardanzev, a sports commentator.

“They can set a new direction, show new examples to the younger people, that it’s not cool to take a gun when you’re 10, but it’s cool to take up football”, Chardanzev says.

Samuel Eto’o has made his way from poverty to being the highest-paid player on the planet with over $30 million a year in his pocket. This should be a great inspiration for the Caucasian teenagers, the commentator adds.

Besides a new generation growing up in love with football, experts also believe this latest ground-breaking transfer may boost Anzhi’s performance both in Russian League and in international tournaments.